The comfort of reliability is what we promise our customers. We work meticulously so that every delicious morsel served is equal in quality and taste, time and time again. The “R” signifies more than just reliability. We proudly don the “R” as a symbol of respect, responsibility, and reputation.



Practicing our craft for three generations gives birth to a constantly evolving talent and fresh ideas. Our product retains ties to its original foundation but deviates in modernistic ways. We hope that our culinary ambitions are welcomed by all.



We strive to spread positive energy and enthusiasm both in our business and outside of it. We pursue our culinary passion to ultimately better ourselves and further our craft so that we can serve our customers something wonderful. The world is a better place with a smile and full stomach.



The earth is the garden from which we pluck our ingredients. We believe in reducing our environmental footprint, not just for the sake of our future, but to preserve the magnetic beauty of our home. We hope that everyone, customer or not, joins us in going green.